What to expect

The sound will be a cure of the future.

/Edgar Cayce/
Tibetan bowls

Enjoyable experiences

During Tibetan bowl and gong session the vast majority of people are in a state of deep relaxation. They are waking from this experience up being full of wonderful energy and ideas for life. It is very often that participants during sessions fall into a regenerative sleep. Some recount about very vivid visions, which they experienced with sounds of Tibetan bowls. Others state that they were moved (literally) to some distant places or that they had a meditation of their life. Many people (especially those with hyperactivity) experience great peace. A lot of times I heard that the sound and vibration of the Tibetan bowls removed pains (headaches, joints), muscle tension, released from unwanted emotions and allowed to achieve inner balance.

Experiences less enjoyable

Sometimes happens that the participants experience the symptoms of cleansing. Some people react with crying. Most often the tears are simply impossible to stop. I experienced it on my own. I experienced the tears that purified me. With each tear I felt a wonderful relief, with every sob I felt more freed. An equally common symptom of cleansing is fatigue, the feeling that we have no strength and that the only thing we desire is to fall asleep. Some people experience extreme hunger. I also heard of cases of instantaneous arrhythmias.

Most of these less enjoyable symptoms are triggered during individual sessions (sound massage), although they may also occur in group sessions (sound bath) with more sensitive individuals. Personally, I have experienced exhaustion and almost cosmic hunger after the first acupuncture treatments that really were a beginning of my work with energy.

Where are the extreme experiences coming from?

During treatment with Tibetan bowls, many negative emotions are released and we get free from them. Blocked for a long time energies are being released. Very often for the first time, in a very long time the stressed body feels deep calm, it is finally able to experience deep relaxation. Sometimes, participants can not determine what they have experienced. This is a very new state for them. We are very different, so our reactions must be different too. There is nothing surprising about it after all. We bring with us to sessions our own stories and emotions.

After therapy with Tibetan bowls, the body often has to adapt to the new conditions, to the new vibrations and to the new energies. The best thing you can do then is to listen to yourself, your intuition, your body. Listen to yourself and take what comes. Do not resist anything. Our body knows better what it needs.

Being in present moment

No matter what kind of experiences you have, there is one common experience for all – greater presence in the present, being here and now. This is a state that most people find difficult to achieve. Looped in the constant rat race and the chase of life we allow ourselves for the luxury of not thinking about the future rather rarely. All of us drag a luggage of the past with ourselves. We allow the future and the past to take away from us the joy of life now, in the present moment. We either work on creating problems that are not here yet (we stubbornly think about things that have not happened yet) or we spend our time in situations that have already happened (because we are not able to let them go). Since we spend our lives in the future and in the past, we are not living at all – please remember that the future and the past do not exist (the future does not exist yet, and the past does not exist already).

If the state of being here and now is a new experience for you, you will at first feel strange and uneasy. You may feel a kind of confusion because suddenly the chasing thoughts disappear, and the world around becomes more meaningful and clear. You start to see more, hear more and feel more, and your mind remains calm. You are not worried about the future because you trust that “you are blessed” and whatever happens, happens for your good. You do not think too much about the past because finally you understand that you don’t have any influence over the past, and everything that happened gave you a possibility to learn something, to experience something. However strange you will feel – don’t worry, being here and now is your natural state ; )

Drink a lot of water

Sounds and vibrations of Tibetan bowls and gong purify the body from toxins and harmful metabolites at the cellular level. To get rid of them effectively from the body, drink plenty of water on the day of therapy and the day after.

Contraindications of sound therapy

  • pregnancy (first trimester);
  • some heart and cardiovascular diseases;
  • congestion;
  • acute inflammation;
  • some mental illnesses;
  • epilepsy and other neurological conditions;
  • implanted electronic devices such as pacemaker.
Please inform a therapist about any condition you are suffering from.