There are many things happening at 4body4soul!

Among the various activities, we also organize series of workshops.
Our mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle.
We want to share, what we have learnt and experienced over many years.


We invite you for a workshop, where you will meet your true self!

+ how to awaken the emotion responsible for realization of your dreams, success and fulfillment
+ how to go through pain and suffering and rediscover beauty
+ how to accept and love yourself
+ how to strengthen own sense of value in relations with the world
+ how to effectively free yourself from stress and negative emotions
+ how to take care of the strength and vitality of your own life
+ how to support your body with healthy nutrition
+ how … there is much more

Knowledge and skills that will change your life!

We will reveal the answer to the question whether the cosmic emptiness of the universe is really empty. With the laws of quantum physics we will explain the mechanisms of achieving dreams, fulfillment and success. We will talk about the beauty that is always present in our lives and it is just waiting to be noticed. We will teach you what power has blessing, forgiveness and letting go. You will understand how to deal with emotions on daily basis. You will learn about the impact of breathing on your life. Through “walking meditation” you will learn to be present in here and now. You will see how gratitude changes the world for you (in fact, you for the world). You will experience how your body reacts to compliments. You will learn what to eat to live a healthy life. You will learn relaxation techniques and how to deal with lack of energy. At the end you will take care of your dreams that will flow in the magical sounds of Tibetan bowls towards fulfillment.

Check how our workshop helped other people!

Izabella Ordanik

Izabella Ordanik about Happiness Project

Every year I organise in Rodan Hotel an event on the occasion of Women’s Day. This year I asked Iza and Ania from 4body4soul for a lecture on happiness. I think it was a hit! The lecture was a part of their larger “program” – a two-day workshop called “Happiness Project”. Knowledge passed during this short lecture (lasting only an hour) is invaluable! I was very surprised by the range of topics they have covered, including how to program water and how the sound affects our body. I am looking forward to the entire workshop, which I hope to organise at Rodan Hotel soon!

Elzbieta Bogdanska

Elzbieta Bogdanska about Happiness Project

As for the review, I honestly say that I liked the workshop very much and it turned to be very helpful in everyday life. The subject of gratitude and blessing is really a “bomb” for me. Telling the truth, I read about gratitude in books of A.Maciag, but there wasn’t presented “the application” of it, as you, Iza, showed. “Ordering in the Universe’s restaurant” is a complete novelty for me and how intriguing. The novelty in terms, that I did not realize before the way(!) it works. And I have a proof of the imprecise “ordering” and I believe this is the truth. Energetic cutoffs, water programming, nutrition and, in general, how you talked about it, made me really listen to you with great interest and desire. Your story made a great impression on me, Ania. Thank you very much for this because it allowed me to see my problems in a different light, that I can overcome adversities and, against everything, gain peace and harmony with myself. What would I add to the workshop? Certainly more time, to have two days in full because you were talking in such interesting way, that I didn’t know when the one and a half days were gone. Participants ask some questions and they want to the answers, so more time is needed. I have a slight hunger for the topic of nutrition that you, Ania, presented in a very interesting way. I know that talking about nutrition is like never ending story, but I’m very interested in it and would like to listen to it in more detail. I am very happy that I participated in this workshop. It was a very valuable experience, for which I am very grateful. I am delighted that I can ask questions that bother me, and I’m grateful for this opportunity. 
P.S my husband thinks exactly the same about this workshop : )

Tadeusz Slowik

Tadeusz Slowik about Happiness Project

I delayed my comments with regard to the summary of the workshop, because I had to analyze it carefully. I believe that this workshop affected the changes that I noticed in my person. I was experiencing a kind of suffering, which I approach differently now. I became more grateful, I began to focus more on what I am saying and on the activities I do. I have limited my complaints and spend more time meditating with my body. I pay attention to what we eat (we are going to visit befriended nutritionist to learn more).

Justyna Janiak

Justyna Janiak about Happiness Project

I had the pleasure to listen to the lecture “Happiness Project” performed by 4body4soul, unfortunately lasting only one hour. It allowed me to implement in my life the everyday habit of gratitude (I always have with me “ball of gratitude” that Iza and Ania gave us during the lecture). A valuable tool is also breathing, especially holding our breath – it works great for me in stressful situations – when I hold my breath for about half a minute, my whole body suddenly relaxes and releases the stress. I have a huge hunger, so I cannot wait for the full program of “Happiness Project” workshop!