What if you can't afford?

Money is an energy like everything around us. When our clients pay for our services they let themselves accept the energy of these services. In other words, payment creates a very unique flow of energy and ensures a balance between us and our clients. Everything in the Universe strives for balance, endeavours a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements. It also applies to us, human beings. Equilibrium means that what we are given is covered with the required amount of energy so we can avoid energetic imbalances which can create karmic debts. If we get something for free we do not appreciate it. We just simply can’t properly use it as on the subconscious level we don’t accept the energy because we sense an energetic imbalance. In other words, if we want something, payment is a proof of exchange of energy and it proofs that we really want something and allow this to happen on the subconscious level.

This is why we, at 4body4soul, tend to exchange energy rather than give it away for free.

Obviously, it is possible that you don’t have enough money to pay for our services. This is just fine! In that case, send us an email where you explain what you can give/do for us in return. Perhaps you have some minerals and you can share them with us, or natural essential oils, or some other stuff. Perhaps you can do some work for us, give us your time to help with something, write or edit some texts for us, promote us and our services. There are many ways to pay for our services. Be creative. We are open. So if you feel that some of our services are for you, you need them very much and they would change a lot in your life but you can’t afford them, please write at