Energy cleaning

Where does the bad energy come from?

We all like staying in clean, tidy places. We take care of our homes by hoovering the carpets, cleaning the floors, wiping off the dust, washing the dishes and so on. Usually, all items in our home have their own place. But what will happen if we don’t clean our homes on the energetic level? The walls and all objects (like furniture and other items) in your home can remember all arguments and rows which have happened there, all emotions of being down, sad, angry, anxious, overwhelmed. Sometimes it’s not even our energy but the energy of previous tenants/owners. There are places that we are not feeling comfortable and we can’t even say why. All we can say about these places is that there are very heavy vibes and a very bad atmosphere. We can’t reach our full potential or feel good and healthy being surrounded by that kind of circumstances. Mess on the energetic level has a huge impact on us.

Cleaning the energy is the base!

To create the circumstances where we are able to feel good and comfortable, where we can reach our full potential, where we can be healthy and happy, where we can prosper, we need to take care of cleaning the energy. By cleaning the energy of our home or the place where we work, we invite forces of prosperity, well-being, health, and love.

Curses and energetic entities

We also need to remember that some places can be cursed or can be a home for energetic entities which feed on bad energy. This is why the hygiene of the energy of places we are living or working is so important. Professional cleaning of the energy will remove these obstructions.