Sound massage

...vibrational alignment with health!

What sound massage looks like?


Each session with Tibetan bowls (whether individual or group) starts in the same way – from performing special breathing exercises. I believe that breath is the basis of all our cellular functions, our energy level and our health therefore properly performed, can greatly increase the healing effects of the sound. Breath is the bridge between our body and our mind. While practising my profession, I noticed that many people’s breathing is very shallow, that they breathe negligently. This is a big mistake. Breathing can give us a wonderful sense of peace, relaxation, the ability to release a lot of negative emotions, and to gain access to vast energy reserves. Remember that breathing is life. When doing breathing exercises, we will look into each other’s eyes so that we can get to know each other better and allow ourselves to establish a warm relationship. Many people at the beginning of this exercise feel a little embarrassment but it passes very quickly.

Binaural beats

… an invidious name for a very useful phenomenon ; )

Just after relaxation with breath you will take a horizontal position, which means that you will lie down (on your back). I will put on your ears the headphone (comfortable, so do not worry that they will pinch). You will hear the rhythmic beating flow. Sounds dangerous? No worries! These are simply single, rhythmic, subtle, special frequencies that help your brain to relax. In other words, your brain will be asked to change the frequency from the state of attention to the state of deep relaxation. It’s such a little trick to help you forget about the world for a moment. For some people it works immediately, while some others stay a little more resistant.

First sounds

I’ll ask you to close your eyes. At this point we will include into the process aromatherapy, it means that you will smell the aroma of natural relaxing oil (I always use natural, high quality oils) or natural incense. I can also cover you with a blanket if needed. In just a moment you will hear the first sounds of Tibetan bowls and gong, arranged (in a special arrangement) around you. We will let each tone to sound in full up to silence (curiosity: the boundary between sound and silence is conventional).


The bowls will sound in sequences (special sound arrangement). Let’s start with the relaxing sequences. Slowly you will feel (and you will be surprised with this feeling) that you can listen the sounds with whole your body (not just your ears). Relaxed body is more open to all elements of therapy. The next step is balancing sequences. Their task is to harmonize you as a whole. Now is time for sequences that activate the self-healing processes of the body. We will enrich it with a silvery sound of tingsha. Some people are falling asleep at this moment.

Experiencing vibrations of life

It’s time for a deeper experience. You will feel the vibrations of life. We will start with very powerful sound of gong with it’s reach harmonics. I will put on your body Tibetan bowls and hit them using a special technique. Deep within your body you will feel vibration that will spread in all directions. I will use different bowls, changing them from time to time. Sometimes I will hit the bowl held in hand over you and move it along your body.

The first cleaning sequence will allow us to remove negative patterns (including emotions) from your body. It’s a very strong sequence. The next sequence will release stress. Depending on how your body responds to sounds, I can also place bowls on your palms and feet. In the next step I will put bowls (individually selected for you) on your chest. In addition to the already familiar sound generated by hitting Tibetan bowls, you will hear something completely new. You will hear something called the singing of the bowl. It delivers an incredibly deep, beautiful vibration. In some bowls I will arrange crystals that will magically assist the processes taking place within you. Some crystals will also be arranged around you. Your body is prepared now for two other, very strong sequences: the first one cuts out all the negativity within you and around you (negative energy) and cleans your aura, the second one fills you with abundance, love, and everything what is good for you and aligns your aura.

Vibrational alignment with health

We will use also 528 Hz tuning fork and special chimes with magically delicate sounds. I will slowly start calling you back to life. Do not rush. Give yourself time to feel your new self, vibrationally aligned with health. You can experience a whole range of different (very often quite new) feelings. Look at yourself, make yourself comfortable again within yourself. Tell yourself how much you love yourself.

Tibetan bowls