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Our body was not created to be sick or to restrict us. Its purpose is to serve us for many, many years. We were created to live in health, abundance and happiness. At 4body4soul we deeply believe that human body is very clever and capable of making seemingly impossible things. We experienced it ourselves. There are many things that we should reflect upon. The earlier we take appropriate actions for our health, the better for us. In the vast majority of cases we are able to cope with "incurable" diseases and chronic illnesses. We just have to help ourselves, take care of ourselves. The quality of our lives depends on it.

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The human body was created to live more than 100 years. Only a few people, however, live up to this age limit today. Most often people die prematurely. Senility is the real reason of death very rarely. Why is this happening? Why does our body refuse to obey us so early, why do we start to suffer from chronic diseases (which according to conventional medicine are incurable) being younger and younger? Why do we so humbly accept the WHO (World Health Organization) warnings about the upcoming "tsunami" of cancer? According to GUS (Polish Central Statistical Office) data for 2013, 76% of the population over the age of 65 in Poland die of cardiovascular disease and cancer, and as much as 60% of the population aged 0 to 64 years. It does not have to be like this. We do not need, either we or our loved ones, to become victims of such brutal statistics. Most people reject responsibility for their health, blaming genes, while genes decide on "our diseases” only in 10%. The rest, 90%, is up to us.

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Iza Zmudzinska
Iza Zmudzinska
At 4body4soul I am responsible for sound therapy. I am a member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists and the Complementary Medical Association. I hold a Sound Therapy Diploma and I also graduated from the Music School in the cello class. I studied sociology at the University Of Humanities And Journalism Sciences In Poznan, but my profession is IT - I’m IT specialist ;-) For many years I also work as a graphic designer, where being immersed in the world of colors, I experience many interesting adventures.
Music has always been present in my life. I remember that as a child I really wanted to learn to play the saxophone. Unfortunately, doctors said that my lungs were too weak for it. Then, for the first time in my life, I saw her... the cello! I felt in love at first sight. From that moment on we were always "together", although there were different periods in our history (sometimes we loved each other from a distance). Music was the greatest adventure of my life, and still it is. At music school, I met wonderful teachers who, apart from music theory and "handling" of the instrument, taught me musical sensitivity, taught me to truly hear and feel music. I am especially grateful to Ania Niworowska, Mrs. Olga Siejna-Bernady and the late Mr. Stefan Krawczyk, three people whose teachings helped me to become the person I am. Thank you!
As an adult, I began to be passionate about several other areas. The first of these is quantum physics, which, although it is quite unusual science, has helped me answer many difficult questions. Apart from it, my interest also included geometry, especially used on a really large scale by nature, so-called sacred geometry. Very useful things were also studies of teachings of the East, especially meditation, art of breathing and mindfulness. When I came across theories about the healing properties of sound, it didn’t take me long to convince myself, especially because the secret of this phenomenon lies in fact of the connection of music and quantum physics. Having a solid foundation, especially in the area of music, I started to study the sound, measure it and combine it with other phenomena, and explore its impact on the human body. It can be said that music has returned to my life in a rather fancy way and it stayed there for good. When I discovered the sound of Tibetan bowls, didgeridoo or tingsha, I knew that being a sound therapist was what I really wanted to do. It stayed this way, I still want to do it. I am very happy that I have the opportunity to live in times when scientists of various fields of science are trying to explain the "metaphysical" world.
In sound therapy, I combine several basic elements. The foundation is, of course, the sound of Tibetan bowls. I combine it with breathing, binaural beats, Brazilian crystals, the sounds of tingsha and tuning fork of 528 Hz, also aromatherapy. The therapies I perform, apart from their highly healing properties, are also characterized by inducing a state of deep relaxation. Most people find very difficult to achieve this state on their own.
At 4body4soul I also support Ania with ear candling (coning) treatments. Together, we also run our own workshops "Happiness Project".
Ania Matuszewska
Ania Matuszewska
At 4body4soul I am a nutrition therapist according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. In my practice, I always use an individual approach, so during the first consultation I perform an extensive interview to determine the correct diagnosis. In the recommendations, apart from Eastern medicine, I also take into account the Western approach - due to changes in food and the environment over the last several decades (including genetic modifications, decrease in the nutritional quality of the food, various types of pollution). Depending on the health condition, I also emphasize the need of cleansing of the three main filters of our body (large intestine, liver and kidneys). It is very important for me not only to give “recommendations", but above all to provide appropriate education, so that everyone can easily find the way through the jungle of information about "healthy nutrition" and "healthy lifestyle". I also perform so-called "nutritional revolutions" if they are needed, taking into account, apart from recommendations and health education, also learning how to cook, choosing the right equipment and kitchenware, or help with shopping. Changing eating habits and lifestyle is a process - regardless of the scope of my help, I always accompany changes made from the beginning to the end.
In the field of other natural therapies I also perform ear candling (coning) and Reiki treatments, as well as I support Iza during individual and group therapies with Tibetan bowls. Together with Iza, we also created our own program of workshops "Happiness Project" - in several versions, adapted strictly to a given group of customers.
I am an economist by profession - in 2007 I graduated from University of Economics in Poznan in the field of Finance and Banking. Basically, since I was a child, I really liked numbers, science subjects and all kinds of analyzes, which combined with the ability of multithreaded thinking and good intuition gives great results with nutritional therapy according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.
My adventure with natural medicine began in 2011, which was a crucial year for me primarily for two reasons. First of all, I heard from the doctors a diagnosis of an incurable autoimmune disease (systemic lupus). Secondly, thanks to this diagnosis I discovered passion of my life, which is natural medicine, in particular Traditional Chinese Medicine. I experienced on myself that incurable diseases don’t exist. The human body, with appropriate support, is capable of making seemingly impossible things.
I have met many wonderful people on my way, from whom I have learned a lot and thanks to whom now I can help other people in recovering physical and mental health and changing lives for better. At this point, I would like to say “thank you” to Agnieszka Krzeminska, PhD, for her invaluable knowledge in the field of prophylactic and healing nutrition according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Piotr Burek for practice in the field of Reiki and art of breathing, Piotr Krenig for support in coaching and public speaking, and, most importantly to Beata Pieczynska, PhD, with whom I had the privilege to work together, who is for me a priceless support till today and thanks to whom I gained knowledge and experience in other areas of natural medicine.

They have said about us

Izabella Ordanik

Izabella Ordanik about Happiness Project

Every year I organise in Rodan Hotel an event on the occasion of Women's Day. This year I asked Iza and Ania from 4body4soul for a lecture on happiness. I think it was a hit! The lecture was a part of their larger "program" - a two-day workshop called "Happiness Project". Knowledge passed during this short lecture (lasting only an hour) is invaluable! I was very surprised by the range of topics they have covered, including how to program water and how the sound affects our body. I am looking forward to the entire workshop, which I hope to organise at Rodan  Hotel soon!


Ania Betkowska

Ania Betkowska about individual session with Tibetan bowls (sound massage)

I live a high octane life, professional work, home and social activities, I get involved in, cause that I'm quite busy. I take a lot of action to keep life balance and feel good - I eat healthy food, I clean my body from toxins, I regularly have massage.
I tried different kind of relaxation massage, but it is the sound massage that brings the best results. It helps to truly stop, enter a state of meditation that is extremely difficult for me to achieve. It makes the stress machine to stop and I achieve a state of deep relaxation. This massage strengthens, gives energy and stimulates creativity and creative forces. It is extremely important in whose hands we put ourselves - I recommend Ania and Iza, because they are therapists who have a real mission to help people.


Agnieszka Frankowska

Agnieszka Frankowska about sound bath in the healing sounds of Tibetan bowls

I strongy recommend taking part in sound bath, classes proposed by 4body4soul. For me it was a cleansing and providing inner peace experience. Thanks to that, I gave myself a few moments of well-being, which allowed me to meditate and break away from everyday life, so needed in today's times so overloaded with different stimuli. The soothing power of Tibetan bowls charged me with positive energy for many days. It is a very pleasant and healing treatment for both the soul and the body. I assure you that you can become addicted. Masters of the ceremony Iza and Anna create a safe atmosphere, without compromising personal comfort, are very devoted to what they do and with great mindfulness approach the individual needs of  participants. You can confidently trust the professionalism of 4body4soul and give your body and soul into their hands. I recommend it with all my heart.


Justyna Janiak

Justyna Janiak about sound bath in the healing sounds of Tibetan bowls

Sound bath in the healing sounds of Tibetan bowls performed by 4body4soul was a very interesting experience for me. Before the classes, I was very tired due to very intense period at work and little time to rest. One and a half hours of the bath in sounds passed very quickly - I had the impression that it lasted 15 minutes! After the session I felt not only relaxed, my body and mind were completely calm, but most of all I was full of positive energy. My fatigue has gone completely and I had a lot of energy for the next week!


Magdalena Jenciak-Brylska

Magdalena Jenciak-Brylska about nutritional revolution

I experienced a nutritional revolution performed by Ania from 4body4soul and I honestly admit that I do not know a person who would do it better! Ania has changed everything in my diet - from the exchange of all unhealthy food products to kitchen appliances, changing eating habits, learning to cook and changing my lifestyle. Thanks to it I got rid of persistent and chronic sinus pain, chronic fatigue, and by the way I dropped a dozen kilograms effortlessly in half a year. A total surprise, however, was for me the improvement of focus and speed of my thinking. Changing food and lifestyle habits acted as a catalyst for the brain. From the very beginning to the moment of my independence, Ania accompanied me in all this transformation, for which I am very grateful to her!


Elzbieta Bogdanska

Elzbieta Bogdanska about individual session with Tibetan bowls (sound massage)

Telling the truth, I had a problem, how to describe the state in which I found myself during the second session with Tibetan bowls. It may sound odd, but I felt like I was out of my body, I just didn’t feel it. Not that I stood next to my body and watched myself among the bowls. No. I was aware of the fact where I was, but what I felt then is very hard to describe, it’s hard to find the right words. Happiness, ecstasy, boundless peace, consolation, just... such an immeasurable bliss. Inconceivable how sound of Tibetan bowls can affect my mind and what can it do with my body!!! It was such a wonderful and fascinating feeling that it will remain in my memory for a long time. I look forward to the next session with Tibetan bowls, as the previous one was truly unearthly. I would like to experience once again this deep and total relaxation that the sounds of Tibetan bowls give.


Kazimierz Solis

Kazimierz Solis about individual session with Tibetan bowls (sound massage)

I will share my story, though it's a bit awkward to write about it, but I think it is very important. In the spring of 2017, I was terribly depressed, I walked around aimlessly, I was not happy, I was not interested in anything, I could not find my place, something stuck to me, something not mine - literally horror. And I'm a very energetic and full of life person by nature, you cannot be bored with me :-) But then I could not deal with myself. Sad but true. It happened that my friends from London came, Ania and Iza from 4body4soul. Girls performed a session of "cleaning with bowls" - that's how I name it my way. What happened, has exceeded my wildest expectations! I regained my will to live, joy of life! One day at 11.00am I had an individual session with Tibetan bowls (sound massage) and at 6.00pm I took part in a sound bath in the healing sounds of Tibetan bowls. During the group session (sound bath), my arms (up to my elbows) started to evaporate with the smell of sulfur (I used sulfur a few days earlier for spraying on the farm). It made me think how the sound of Tibetan bowls affected my body and pushed it to cleanse from toxins, amazing. Maybe difficult to believe, but it helped me, I am very grateful to Ania and Iza, thank you from my heart. I cannot wait when you come again. And remember to take Tibetan bowls with you, so I can be born again :-)


Izabella Ordanik

Izabella Ordanik about natural therapies

I met Ania from 4body4soul a few years ago. It was she who, among others, inspired me with healthy nutrition according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. In addition, I experienced Reiki energy treatments performed by Ania, which completely relaxed my body and helped me to release the burden of accumulated stress. I was also happy to experience ear candling (coning), which perfectly calmed my mind and cleansed my head. I felt definitely calmer. My favorite, however, natural therapy is massage with the sound of Tibetan bowls, during which I drift away completely and which I would love to experience every day. The sound that surrounds me from all sides and the vibration reaching all cells in my body are very magical experience. It doesn’t only relax my body and mind, but I also have the impression, that during the session I’m able to release deeply hidden and unprocessed emotions. I also see very often, emerging suddenly and from nowhere, pictures depicting the solution to the problems that are troubling me at a given moment. I noticed that the perfect effect is achieved by combining ear candling (coning) and individual session with Tibetan bowls. Ear candling (coning) performed before the sound massage makes the feeling of sound and vibration even more intense.


Elzbieta Bogdanska

Elzbieta Bogdanska about Happiness Project

As for the review, I honestly say that I liked the workshop very much and it turned to be very helpful in everyday life. The subject of gratitude and blessing is really a "bomb" for me. Telling the truth, I read about gratitude in books of A.Maciag, but there wasn’t presented “the application" of it, as you, Iza, showed. "Ordering in the Universe's restaurant" is a complete novelty for me and how intriguing. The novelty in terms, that I did not realize before the way(!) it works. And I have a proof of the imprecise "ordering" and I believe this is the truth. Energetic cutoffs, water programming, nutrition and, in general, how you talked about it, made me really listen to you with great interest and desire. Your story made a great impression on me, Ania. Thank you very much for this because it allowed me to see my problems in a different light, that I can overcome adversities and, against everything, gain peace and harmony with myself. What would I add to the workshop? Certainly more time, to have two days in full because you were talking in such interesting way, that I didn’t know when the one and a half days were gone. Participants ask some questions and they want to the answers, so more time is needed. I have a slight hunger for the topic of nutrition that you, Ania, presented in a very interesting way. I know that talking about nutrition is like never ending story, but I'm very interested in it and would like to listen to it in more detail. I am very happy that I participated in this workshop. It was a very valuable experience, for which I am very grateful. I am delighted that I can ask questions that bother me, and I’m grateful for this opportunity.
P.S my husband thinks exactly the same about this workshop :-)


Justyna Janiak

Justyna Janiak about nutritional revolution

Since I remember, I had very painful menstruations, and the doctors couldn’t help me. I felt pain not only in the abdominal area, but also in the whole leg, where from my birth I have had traces of genetically conditioned thrombosis. The pain was so strong, that I couldn’t cope with it in my day to day life and it was the reason I had to take painkillers in very large doses. When Ania from 4body4soul has prepared for me an individual plan of changing eating habits - including not only what kind of nutrition is good for me and what is not, but also how to eat, when to eat and how to prepare food - after only one month I experienced a huge improvement, and after three months, both abdominal pain and the pain in leg disappeared completely! Finally, I can live in normal way during my periods, and most importantly I am free from taking painkillers. Ania has complemented my nutritional therapy with ear candling (coning) and Reiki treatments, and proper hydration of the body.


Tadeusz Slowik

Tadeusz Slowik about Happiness Project

I delayed my comments with regard to the summary of the workshop, because I had to analyze it carefully. I believe that this workshop affected the changes that I noticed in my person. I was experiencing a kind of suffering, which I approach differently now. I became more grateful, I began to focus more on what I am saying and on the activities I do. I have limited my complaints and spend more time meditating with my body. I pay attention to what we eat (we are going to visit befriended nutritionist to learn more).


Justyna Janiak

Justyna Janiak about Happiness Project

I had the pleasure to listen to the lecture “Happiness Project” performed by 4body4soul, unfortunately lasting only one hour. It allowed me to implement in my life the everyday habit of gratitude (I always have with me "ball of gratitude" that Iza and Ania gave us during the lecture). A valuable tool is also breathing, especially holding our breath - it works great for me in stressful situations - when I hold my breath for about half a minute, my whole body suddenly relaxes and releases the stress. I have a huge hunger, so I cannot wait for the full program of “Happiness Project” workshop!


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