Teams & Corporates

Are your employees the biggest value in your company?

If you read this it means they are! Now you have a perfect opportunity to show to your employees how important and precious they are.
We would love to help your employees in becoming more focused, attentive, diligent and efficient at work and at the same time to be more happy, satisfied and easy-going in the teamwork.

We can support you in two different ways

Regular Tibetan bowls and meditation sessions, which will allow your employees to be more focused and perform each task faster and more accurately, avoiding making mistakes.
These sessions will have a huge impact on health, performance and well-being of your employeess. 

Workshops in the area of mindfulness, nutrition and body functioning (human body energy clock), which will allow your employees to live in a happy and conscious way.
These workshops will also improve the atmosphere at work and interpersonal relations between team members. 

In both cases, we put a huge emphasis on stress – its elimination, functioning in stressful situations, work under time pressure. Each person will be equipped with tools to cope with stress and emotions effectively, so you can be sure that your employees can handle any situation properly.

Frequency and duration of Tibetan bowls and meditation session, as well as the range of our workshops, depend on you. We are very flexible and we will adapt the offer to your needs.

If you think that increasing the salary or giving another financial bonus are not enough to say ‘thank you’ or motivate your employees, we have a perfect solution for that kind of situations as well – Gift Cards for our individual treatments. Our treatments bring a special value to the lives of other people so you can be sure that lives of your employees will change for better.

Usually, we provide our services in London, however, we are not limited to this area. Contact us and tell us what you need – we will prepare the offer suitable for you.