Sound bath

... deep relaxation of mind and body at the cellular level

What the therapy looks like?

Energy of group

Sound bath is a type of group therapy. In that kind of therapy energy of a group is very important element. This is the reason why we should know each other a little bit better. We will sit in a circle and each participant will be asked to introduce herself/himself. Thanks to that we will no longer be anonymous becoming a community for the moment.


The same way as during sound massage (individual therapy) we will perform breathing exercise. Breath connects our body with mind, it is “food” for our cells, responsible for level of our energy and health. Healthy, deep breathing supports the healing effect of the sound. We forget about the beneficial effects of breathing so often. Our breathing becomes very shallow and we breath negligently. We hurt ourselves by doing so. With our breath we can experience an incredible sense of peace and relaxation. Breath allows us to release negative emotions. Thanks to it, we also have an access to vast energy reserves. Breath is life.

So we are going to deeply breathe together, and during breathing we will look into our eyes. It will allow us to get to know a little bit better and to establish a warm, cordial relationship. At the beginning it can be embarrassing, but from experience I know that embarrassment will be gone very quickly.

First sounds

The Tibetan bowls and gong will be especially positioned in the room, and all the participants will lie on back with their heads pointing towards the sound source. As a part of aromatherapy we will activate the powers of essential oils or incenses to help you relax (I always use natural, high quality oils and incenses – I think synthetics are a scam ad can harm people). You will surely notice that the crystals will be set among the bowls. Their power of focusing and distributing energy is invaluable. They will support the healing processes arising from the sound. I’ll ask everyone to close their eyes. You will hear the first sounds of Tibetan bowls. We will let them sound until silence. Silence is an important element of sound therapy. The border between silence and sound is contractual. In some moments, you will also hear my voice suggesting your thoughts the direction to flow.

Deep relaxation and vibration of life

Because I am always accompanied by a second therapist during the sound bath group therapy, you will have the opportunity to experience the vibration of Tibetan bowls in your body. While I will play the relaxation and balancing sequences, which activate self-healing processes, the other therapist will put the bowl on the chest of each participant and stimulate it to the vibration. You will feel like this vibration will spread in your body in all directions.

Vibrational alignment with health

We will use also 528 Hz tuning fork, tingsha and special chimes with magically delicate sounds. I will slowly start calling you back to life. Do not rush. Give yourself time to feel your new self, vibrationally aligned with health. You can experience a whole range of different (very often quite new) feelings. Look at yourself, make yourself comfortable again within yourself. Tell yourself how much you love yourself.


Tibetan bowls