Food has power

Regardless of who was the father of disease, the bad diet was certainly its mother.

/Chinese saying/

How it all began

I love changing life of other people for better, especially in the field of nutrition, eating habits and lifestyle so that the body, by strengthening its natural defence forces and launching self-healing mechanisms, can cope with all the ailments. In fact, our body with relatively little help from us, can do amazing things. I’ve experienced it myself when I heard from the doctors diagnosis of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE, autoimmune disease). I also heard that it is an incurable disease, destroying in a very aggressive way the body and if I did not take drugs, then after two years I would end up on a wheelchair. I started from nothing, I did not know anything, I did not know anyone who would be able to help me to cure myself in the natural way. Nutrition and functioning of a human organism, however, have become my passion very quickly.

You are what you eat, how you eat and when you eat

I realized very quickly how authentic is a slogan “you are what you eat”, how real are the famous words of Hippocrates “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. It is good to remember, that every minute in our body die, and in their place are born about 2 million cells (!) Depending on what we eat each day, these cells are either healthy and strong or weak and sick – our health or illness begins at the cellular level. The truth is that every day we choose between health and illness, every day we work on how we feel now and in our future.

Nutrigenomics – gene expression

Relatively new concepts in the field of nutrition are functional foods and nutrigenomics. Nutrigenomics analyzes the effect of bioactive nutrients on gene expression; this in turn affects the functioning of cells, health or disease. Although it is a quite controversial topic, interesting seem to be sirtuins, responsible for longevity. Sirtuins (survival genes) are produced, for example, during a properly performed fasting. Consuming the right dose of resveratrol (an antioxidant belonging to the polyphenols) gives a similar effect to the properly performed fasting. Polyphenols also participate in the process of apoptosis – programmed death of cancer cells. In addition to nutrition, our lifestyles, stimulants and stress are important factors that can mute or amplify activity of certain genes. Today’s results of European scientific and clinical research increasingly reflect the foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine – perceive human being as a whole, inseparable from surroundings.

What is proper nutrition?

Proper nutrition is the foundation on the path to recovery or maintaining good health. Saying “proper” I do not mean a modern “diet” based on counting calories and checking a fat content of products. “Proper” means coherent with our individual constitution and health condition, among others including climate, seasons, menstrual cycle in women, sex and age. This approach is consistent with extremely effective Traditional Chinese Medicine. Today, however, it requires a slight modification, a complement to the huge decline in nutritional values in vegetables and fruits over the past thirty years, more and more widespread genetic modifications, increasing use of artificial additives, producing more and more processed food. It is increasingly difficult to find food that can be called real food today (which nourishes our body). In a typical supermarket we usually can find one or two shelves labelled “healthy food”; so what is the rest of the food we eat? Not many of us are aware of how consumption of today’s wheat, milk and diary, sugar and other “foods” that are commonly eaten, affect us. In most cases, these are exemplary products to weakened our immune system and create within us an ideal environment for the development of parasites, bacteria and fungi. Due to the significant genetic modification of wheat, about 90 percent of people do not tolerate today’s wheat gluten. In the longer term, this can have serious health consequences. Food intolerances are also increasingly common. Important fact is that during the decline of nutrient content in fruits and vegetables, there was a significant increase in deaths due to civilization diseases – in Poland almost three quarters of the population die from cardiovascular disease and cancer.
4body4soul Food has power

We are over-eaten, but at the same time malnourished

Today, our bodies are overloaded – on the one hand there are excessive stress, bad sleep, lack of balance between work and rest, lack of proper physical activity, more and more drugs and stimulants, more polluted environment, often even toxic food, on the other hand: lack of restraint – we eat too much food, almost every day doing ourselves Christmas. Often we are over-eaten, but at the same time malnourished, either by very impoverished food ingredients or by disturbances in the absorption of nutrients, which in turn is most often due to overloading of the digestive system with too much food intake.

Why is it worth to take care about filters?

Proper nutrition is not enough – also very important are: moderate exercise, breathing exercises, balance between work and rest, ability to rest and deal with stress, calm state of mind, proper sleep and care for the purification and good condition of our three main filters – liver, large intestine and kidneys. Under normal conditions, the body constantly neutralizes toxins and free radicals, remove cancer cells and repair damaged DNA. However, weakened and overloaded organisms do not cope with the current neutralization of harmful substances, so it is important to care for the proper functioning of the organs responsible for their excretion, by regular cleansing the liver, large intestine and kidneys. In addition, purified body much better absorbed nutrients supplied with food or good quality supplements. The liver is the most important organ in our body. It filters about 3 litres of blood in one minute, purifying it from toxins. It is up to the liver to determine the quality of the blood that goes to all other organs. In addition, the liver is responsible for our endocrine and liposomal system, so the best we can do to regulate our weight is to perform a liver cleansing.

Not every healthy food is good for everyone

Finding the proper information about healthy eating in today’s jungle of information is not easy – not every product generally recognized as “healthy” will be good for everyone (e.g. garlic, raw fruits and vegetables). In that case individual food therapy according to Traditional Chinese Medicine is very helpful – it focuses on the qualitative impact of food on the body. Every food product has a therapeutic value, it helps the body to return to equilibrium or maintain that balance. Food classification according to Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on the same criteria that are used in the selection of appropriate Chinese herbal medicines: thermal nature, taste, direction of energy flow – how the factors affects the various organs of the body. Accurate diagnosis allows choosing the right products, which in combination with properly selected technique of cooking, will support our body in returning to the state of balance or health.

First symptoms - so important, but still overlooked...

Chronic diseases do not give any symptoms for a long time. We used to trivialize the warning signals that our body sends to us (for example, headaches, joints aches, tiredness, daytime sleepiness, insomnia at night, flatulence, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhoea, chronic rhinitis or cough, lack of fever during an infection, dermatitis, lymphomas, fibrosis, polyps and haemorrhoids). Let’s stop complaining about these ailments, and let’s be grateful that they are such a valuable source of information about us. If we remedy in time to these types of symptoms, we will protect ourselves from serious chronic diseases, including cancer. Of course, the sooner we remedy the better for us. According to a six-level scale of pollution of the body, where sixth level means malignant cancer, visible abnormalities in laboratory tests are present only on the fifth level (!) Taking into account this fact, it is true to say that “even one gram of prophylaxis is worth more than a ton of treatment.” I would really give a lot to have this knowledge and experience to be able to effectively remedy the first symptoms of connective tissue disease (systemic lupus) appearing many years before diagnosis. Similarly to my mother, who has experienced two myocardial infarctions, vein transplant surgery (bypass) and ischemic stroke. If I have known before … she could have avoided it. Today, however, my mother is in very good health condition and a vein patency study showed that all the veins, even those transplanted 11 years ago, are patent (!) The doctors are very surprised because they claim that it’s impossible from the point of view of classical medicine : )