Nutrition therapy

Regardless of who was the father of disease, the bad diet was certainly its mother.

/Chinese saying/

What do I combine in nutritional therapy?

As part of nutrition therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is for me a foundation and a reference point. Considering, however, realities of today’s civilization and the quality of food, recognized by TCM as healing food, I am in favour of combining the principles of Eastern medicine with classical medicine, taking into account the latest discoveries and scientific research. Depending on your willingness and health condition, I pay a great attention to the cleansing of the liver, kidneys and large intestine, which are the main filters of our body. Appropriate education is also important for me, not only in the area of healthy nutrition, but also a widely understood lifestyle, including the body clock, proper sleep and relaxation or breathing exercises. Depending on your needs and enthusiasm, I carry out so-called “nutritional revolutions”, which, apart from recommendations and health education, also include learning how to cook, help with shopping, or the selection of appropriate dishes and kitchen equipment. I am aware that changing eating habits and lifestyle is a process. We are all different – some people can change everything right away, others prefer to make changes gradually, step by step. Regardless of the range and pace of introduced changes, I am open to being your companion from the beginning to end. I know how much the support is important on the path of getting change, especially when there are more and more questions : ) I treat each person individually, I feel very responsible for each of you, so in order to get to know your health condition better, during the first meeting I carry out an extensive interview lasting at least one hour.

Eastern approach

In my practice, I mainly base on nutrition according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). TCM’s individual nutrition therapy focuses on the qualitative impact of food on the body and includes, for example, the individual constitution and health condition, climate, seasons, sex, age and phase of the menstrual cycle in women. Every food product has a therapeutic value, it helps the body to return to equilibrium or maintain that balance. Classification according to TCM shows how the food affects the various organs of the body, taking into account the following criteria: thermal nature, taste, direction of energy flow. Accurate diagnosis allows choosing the right products, which in combination with properly selected technique of cooking food, will support our body in return to the state of balance or health. During changing our lifestyle, it’s worth to take into account a daily clock of energy flow in the body (so-called human body energy clock) to make the best use of the potential of the whole body and of the mind.

Western approach

Nowadays, it is worth filling gaps in Eastern approach concerning losing of a considerable amount of nutritional value (especially in fruits and vegetables) over the last several decades. In addition, some foods (such as white sugar, wheat, milk or meat), once valued for their therapeutic value, today are significantly modified and contaminated, so while using them we will not achieve the desired result and we can even harm ourselves. It is therefore worth using knowledge from the latest scientific research regarding the quality of today’s nutritional therapeutic products.

Herbs, supplements

Nowadays, it’s hard to find really worthwhile products. For example, today’s carrot, although it looks similar, is not a carrot that your grandmother and grandfather ate. It contains about 75% less magnesium. Therefore, in justified cases it is important to help your body periodically with good quality supplements and properly selected herbs. The worse you feel and longer the symptoms accompany you, the more you need supporting your body with appropriate herbs and supplements. Taking into account the climate zone we live in, it is important to monitor vitamin D3 levels – if necessary, supplement appropriate doses, especially in autumn, winter and early spring.

Inner hygiene

Most drivers strictly meet the deadline of their car MOT, oil and filters changing, repairing of damaged vehicle components. Rarely people pay so much attention to their own interior, their own fluids and filters – although most people require these elements to be repaired. The liver, the large intestine and the kidneys are very patient for a long time, usually don’t give any symptoms until less than 20 percent of these organs efficiency is left (especially the kidneys). In the large intestine, toxins and other harmful compounds are deposited for many years – in the form of fecal stones, glued to the walls of the intestine (record-holders can keep them from 5 to 10 kilograms!). The fecal stones constantly release toxins that enter the bloodstream – as you may think, this process is straining and poisoning not only the other two filters (liver and kidneys), but every cell of our body. The liver is a very gratifying organ, because it can be fully regenerated. The processes that occur in the kidneys are most often irreversible. Deciding to change our eating habits and lifestyle, it is important to pay attention and take care of proper relief, cleansing and regeneration of these three very important and hard-working organs (large intestine, liver and kidneys). The benefits are invaluable!


The knowledge I share with others is clear and comprehensible, because it is very important for me that every person I will accompany on the path of healthy eating is sufficiently independent to take care of herself/himself and her/his family every single day in the best way.


Changing eating habits and lifestyle is a process. Quite often it means learning to eat all over again. Rarely anyone can do this overnight. Even if the will is strong, there are many questions and this is why it takes time. The pace of change depends on you. The pace of change is not as important as the stability of new habits. I know how important it is to contact a therapist during therapy, especially at the beginning of the process, so it is my job to be your friend, not only in private consultations, but also between them. It depends on you if you prefer to stay in touch via email or chat.