The choice is yours

The choice is yours

At 4body4soul in nutritional therapy we combine eastern approach, which is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with a western approach. According to eastern medicine human is a whole, while western medicine defines human as a system of individual organs. Combining Chinese medicine with western approach is very effective and gives you often really amazing results.

Regardless of who was the father of a disease, the bad diet was certainly its mother

/Chinese saying/
I absolutely agree with this, because I experienced it myself. Unfortunately, most people claim, that genes are responsible for their diseases. Scientific research shows that genetics is only 10 percent. Much more important role in disease process is a lifestyle, and above all, nutrition. This is really good news for us, because the same way we have an impact on our health, we are also able to affect a pace of our ageing, life expectancy and our longevity.

The fewer calories you eat, the longer you live

But be careful! It’s not about getting hungry!! The idea is to provide as much of the nutrients we need as possible in the smallest amount of food, that is, to preserve the highest nutritional density of food. In other words, let’s avoid eating so-called “empty calories”. Fortunately, there is a great way for those who love food and love eating – to be honest, I use this option myself. Well, there are preparations that affect our body in such a way that they trigger genes responsible for longevity – for regeneration, rejuvenation, slowing down the ageing processes. By consuming these preparations we can eat “normal quantities of calories” without worrying that we will get older faster and thus live shorter : )

The oldest cells in our body are 7 years old

Our body is built of trillions of cells and they are constantly exchanging. Every minute in our body dies, and in their place about 2 million cells are born (in sportsman, sick and older people even more). Depending on what we eat each day, newborn cells are either healthy and strong or weak and sick. Given the fact, that health or disease is starting at the cellular level, it is very good information, because it means that it is up to us whether we are healthy or ill. It is about a physical aspect of health and illness. Of course, there are always exceptions… but in 99 percent of cases this is the truth. In our articles, posts and videos we refer to the majority of people. Building substances for our cells are most of all proper nutrients contained in food. Every day we should deliver to our body many different nutrients; some of them remain in our body for 3 to 6 hours, so we should deliver them at least 2 or 3 times a day. Apart from proper nutrition, there are also other aspects of our lifestyle, which are important in formation and living our cells, such as stress level (!), emotions (!), work-rest balance, care for proper relaxation, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, coffee, energetic drinks, taking drugs, also an environment in which we live, sounds and information we hear every day, the air we breathe as well as the way of breathing. 

Decrease nutrient density of food

Today most of soils are poor in minerals and elements, so unfortunately food that was growing in such soils, has less and less nutritional density. Therefore, according to the famous Polish herbalist Aleksander Ozarowski, to supply all necessary nutrients, we would have to eat about 50 kilograms of food per day (!) it’s just impossible. Our digestive system is unable to digest so much food every day.

Our bodies are overloaded

The truth is that our bodies are overloaded nowadays – it’s not just about the amount and volume of consumed food, but also it’s about a lot of chemicals and toxins contained in most available food (!) As we look around in a typical supermarket, we notice that for several dozen shelves, 1 maybe 2 of them are marked as a “healthy food” – have you ever been wondering what kind of food is on the other shelves? Sometimes it’s hard to even call it food. Of course, chemicals and toxins are not just in food – huge amounts of them are in cosmetics that we use every day, water we drink every day, or environment we live in. In development of our civilization we have reached a point where without appropriate detoxification of our body at the cellular level, without proper cleansing of our filters (liver, large intestine and kidney), without proper support of natural and properly selected supplements that nourish our cells (these preparations often regulate our genes because we have lost the balance between activity and rest, between day and night) – for most of us with such a huge overload, it is very difficult to keep a good health and wellbeing for many years. I won’t even mention plentiful internal life in most of us… or parasites, fungi, bacteria – I mean, of course, those unfavourable to us, even those present in the bacterial flora of our digestive system, which often live in us for years, contributing to the formation or the severity of diseases or unpleasant ailments.

About 75% of population in Europe dies from cardiovascular disease or cancer today

It’s very sad, but honestly, I don’t really know a person from those people I know well, who would die just because of old age. The number of deaths due to so called civilization diseases have grown dramatically over the last decades. What’s interesting, at the same time, we can also perceive a huge decrease in nutritional value in food. Soils are so poor, that even plants grown in an organic way, don’t have the same nutrient content as they did several decades ago. I would rather say that the content of these nutritional ingredients is frightening. Obviously, there are some other factors, contributing to this horrible statistic, for example an excess of toxins and chemicals that I mentioned before, more stress level, spending more time working than resting, improper sleep, less physical activity in the open air, the flood of unpleasant information and the less desirable sounds coming from everywhere (you will learn more about the sound from Iza soon).

Cancer’s tsunami is coming

The World Health Organization warns against upcoming cancer’s tsunami. It really amazes me how calm we are with this information. Sometimes I get an impression that it has become socially accepted norm that more and more people are suffering from cancer, including more and more children. No, it’s not the norm and it doesn’t have to be like that! Chronic diseases develop for a long time without any symptoms. Very often first symptoms appear after many years, but even then we can’t see any significant negative results in our laboratory tests. It means, our wise body give us the signs, that something is wrong when we have a headache or feel a pain in any other part of the body, when we have high blood pressure, when we feel tired or sleepy during the day doing often nothing, when we feel sleepy after meal, when we are hyper, when we feel constant irritation, when we have overweight or obesity, chronic cough, when we suffer from insomnia, when we have constipation (it means that we’re not passing our stool regularly or we are unable to completely empty our bowels; how our stool looks like also matters). Also condition of our hair or nails is very important. These are just some examples. Unfortunately, for our convenience, we often ignore these symptoms or take a pill, which helps with symptoms rather than a cause of our disease. Working only with our symptoms is not the way to be healthy. Similar situation is with cysts, lipomas, granulomas, nodules or other let me call it “hard masses” in our body. When we notice that kind of stuff, we are afraid that it can be cancer, but just after receiving good results of histopathological tests we ignore it, living our previous lifestyle and eating the same food. Often we just remove it during surgery without doing nothing more. But again, it’s just removing a symptom, this will not make us healthy. Very often a reason of disease is located in completely different place, for example, if we have a knee ache, in most cases the cause is not related to the knee (unless pain and degeneration is caused by injury), it can be caused by stomach dysfunction. The same with headache – there is a lot of causes of headache, rarely reason is located in a head itself; in many cases headaches pass away after liver cleansing or/and after eliminating the hot spices from the diet or/and after proper hydration of the body. Therefore, regardless of where symptoms have appeared, we should take care of whole of our body.

Don’t wait for the diagnosis

Do not wait until the last moment when the diagnosis is already given. At that time, very often our psyche, our body, and most of all, our immune system are so impaired, that it is definitely harder to recover. This applies not only to cancer, but to any chronic disease, such as cardiovascular disease, food allergies and intolerances, asthma, autoimmune diseases including but not limited to lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, thyroid disease, inflammation of the intestines and so on. There is plenty of it.

What about depression?

If we perceive depression as a disease, it is worth bearing in mind that our eating habits, lifestyle, drugs etc. have a huge impact on our mental condition. In the case of depression, it is particularly important to take care of three aspects, from 6 am to 12 noon:

  • wakening up in the early hours of the morning,
  • eating a wholesome breakfast (for example, oatmeal or millet groats with fruits, nuts and good quality oil),
  • outdoor activities.


These three aspects favor the production of endorphins, presence of which significantly affects our mental condition, willingness to live and a sense of joy.

One gram of prevention is worth as much as a ton of treatment

Believe me, it is much easier to prevent than treat. It is said that one gram of prevention is worth as much as a ton of treatment – I absolutely agree with this. If we already have a diagnosis, the sooner we take action, the better for us. It is said that for a full recovery our body needs between 10% and 20% of the time we have been ill, so if someone has been suffering from any disease for 10 years, then we need from 1 to 2 years to be fully healed. That’s why being patient is so important. In my case, I had the first symptoms at the age of 14-15, I was diagnosed at the age of 28. After 3-4 months of natural treatment I experienced a significant improvement, and after 2 years I finally felt like a truly healthy person. Our body makes seemingly impossible things, for which I am very, very grateful. The more we are grateful for what our body is doing for us, the sooner we will be healthy – simple! : )

The choice is yours

Unfortunately, we don’t have an impact on everything, but we have an impact on many things. Even things that seem impossible to us – such as eliminating gluten, dairy or meat – are possible. For now, you have to believe me : ) and soon I hope you will see for yourself. Even if disease actually has a genetic background, which really happens very rarely, with proper nutrition and proper lifestyle, we can always try to stop it, to slow it down, to reduce its symptoms or side effects. In fact, in most cases it is up to us whether we are ill or healthy and realizing that fact is already half of our success. No one else will take care of you better than yourself, so I encourage you to take responsibility for your health and wellbeing. It’s really worth it!!!

 That’s all in this article, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me : ) 

Ania Matuszewska

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