Breaking curses

Not only medieval witchcraft!

Curses, fetishes, charms, vexes, hexes, spells, negative energy… sounds like medieval witchcraft but it’s very real and has a huge impact on us. Whether it is a family curse or simply your colleague at work was very jealous of your new car, it makes a mess in your energy. Then your corrupted energy will become a reality in your physical life. If everything around us (including ourselves) is energy, it is quite easy to curse somebody. Curse is a negative energy sown in a human being against its will and against its nature. The driving force of every single curse is an intention. Sometimes the intention is being prepared for a long time and meticulously (black magic), other times it can be just a temporary, unconscious emotion. If somebody cast a curse on you it means she or he has a power over your energy. Your problems can get more intense than usual, you can notice a series of unfortunate events that directly or indirectly affect your life, your happiness can be obstructed, your perception of the world and people changes, some sphere of your life starts to fall apart although everything has been going smoothly so far,  you can be irritated, anxious, even depressed, you can feel some fear without a particular reason.

Working with curses

To break curses we work on a very deep level with the energy of our clients using sound, pendulum, spells-prayers and the elements. Our perception is wider than ordinary perception, we can see and feel beyond the physical realm. It takes a lot of our energy, focus, attention and conscious mind to properly break the curse. Each of us is powerful individually/independently – when we work together the synergy is extremely powerful.

Sound healing ritual

Breaking curses takes place during a special individual session with Tibetan bowls (a special type of ritual). This session is very similar to the healing sound session (sound massage) but the focus is directed on cleaning and sealing up an aura of our clients. During a normal individual session with Tibetan bowls (sound massage) we direct our focus on healing physical, spiritual and emotional levels, we cut the negative influences off (negative energy) and we fill the whole being with abundance and love.